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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Bag Fever…...


Have you ever thought Bag as a trendy fashion accessory? Am sure most of us take handbags as one of the utility item. For keeping money/credit cards to baby diapers to even lunch boxes, nobody is much interested in using as a shoulder ornament. But I believe donning a write type of hand bag can gives u the chicest, elegant look. No matter even if you are decked-up in a sack, you can still pull it off with a catchy eye popping arm candy.

My husband feels its one of my opulent indulgence. Don’t you hate it when your husband makes the silly question: why do you need all these bags?'' It really irritates me to the core. A woman's right to bags shouldn't be criticized. I can't help but wonder, when did having lots of bags become a crime? He himself is a gizmo freak & buy’s all sorts of freaking gadgets. And that does not burn a hole in his pocket. huh!! Relatively am still cheap. (wink).

Am not a working girl so office/business bags are big NO for me. Rather I prefer carrying casual tote. Moreover being on toes half the year bigger bags just suits me fine & they are always right side of police fashion fence. But few days back I read an article about “Women at risk of poshitis from toting large bags”. This term “poshitis”is named after the famous celebrity Victoria becham(Posh) & her passion for big bags. Oh No, they did not!! N moreover it’s not that we cart them around whole day. I would not trade my bags for anything. Apart from it, there are countless types of handbags to suit different occasions & attire.

Let’s have a peek-a-boo at my Arm candies.

LEFT: White Zara tote bag.cost me leg & a arm.
RIGHT: Elizabeth Arden big handbag mostly for traveling purpose.

LEFT: Its a transparent hidesign bag purchased on whim.
RIGHT: Its gold clutch picked from the local market.
Got black & silver also for any ethnic occasion.

LEFT: Its a white Hidesign bag with little crocodile print bought in Pataya.
RIGHT: Its a sling casual bag usually for shopping expeditions.

LEFT: Its a black big bow modern clutch from Di-milano
RIGHT: Ocer colored Puma bag.My latest flame.

  These are just part of my collection.As am onboard, do not have the pictures of the rest one's.

                        SO,Snag it, bag it & watch as your friends turn green with envy