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Monday, September 2, 2013


Scratching my head for almost my entire evening walk and juggling between the dilemmas upon choosing on my next blog post, I suddenly came to a halt. While mumbling the word “seven” like a mantra for umpteenth time, something special struck by lightening. Yes Seven Sizzlers. How can I not remember the most beautiful part of my life? 


Seven Sizzlers was the name of our gang back in my fashion college & was inspired from the Famous five. While writing this post, I have a big giggling smile on my face and the sadness of the moment at same time. In one minute you reminisce good old days, all the fun, gossip, bitching, pranks, exams, canteen, maggi, make-up everything transports you to the crazy time with mad people. And the other fills you with melancholy. Time and distance has abated the bond of companionship.

With heavy heart & joy tears in my eyes, am dedicating this post to my besties. Let me introduce you to my seven lifelong treasures.

1) Trisha (The rich brat) –Born & bought-up with silver spoon in mouth, she was the living credit card of our group. As like most of college bums, we all were forever short of money. From buying cola to bribing the local policeman for chalan , our friend in deed always bails us out. Being the product of divorce parents, she was a kind of loner until she enters the devils den. All hell broke loose & the only rich crooked into a brat. RICH BRAT.

2) Swati (The Nerd) –It was always a mystery to us that why a math’s genius would leave her PG and can pursue a total polls apart field. For her it was breaking the rules and running from the constant pressure. We were always in awe of her. Assignments, presentations, CAD, everything was piece of cake for her. I guess she’s the reason, we all are proudly holding the degree today.

3)Neha (The 4:00 AM )-She was the most composed person I ever know in my life & thus the 4:00 AM tag. Whenever any of us required advice or wanted to pour our heart out, she was always a call away. She hated argument & confrontations & always eating our heads to be prudent. Today our group is still floating without hiccups and the soul credit is SHE.

4) Ishpreet (The Amazon)-5.7, 70 Kgs , ex judo player and the  Gunda of our gang.She was like a bodyguard for all us and a threat to eve teasers. Though we still complain how she ate the biggest portion from our maggi bowls.

5) Manisha (My Alt-ego)- My childhood & best friend. Though we were estranged for a time being but destiny has other plans .We reunited again and since then the thread between us became stronger. Through her only, I met the rest amazing people I can count on.

6) Aastha (The beauty wid brain)-Hottest girl with the best brains around. She was the most popular girl of the campus. She is the best example to counteract bimboo beauties.

7) Anu (The sunshine)-That’s Me. I remember the word sunshine from our college scrapbook which my friends chose for me. A bit of salt ,  a bit of sugar and a potpourri of everything.

I hope after reading the post, my friend will not drill me and pierce me with daggers.

PS: All names changed and one chum is missing from the pic.