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Friday, September 19, 2014

MAKREE - Innocence Lost Or Child Prodigy??

                             "Unhappy is she whose fame makes her misfortunes famous".

For the last few days I have been reading numerous articles, blogs and news pieces about 23 year old young actress Shweta basu. How the media vultures have deferred their claws at her trial and tribulations. Army of celebrities and women activist came out in favor of the actress misfortunes. Fingers being raised at the callous attitude of paparazzi for meddling her name and obscuring the rich culprits. While reading the online story, I came across common people's perspective in the form of  mockery, rage, empathy and compassion.It has become a game of name blame. Some are predicting her to be the victim of circumstance while others designating her as spoilt money hungry women. Few are even proposing  this exploitative trade to be legalized.

But the actual issue has lost somewhere in this circus of finger pointing. Who is the real offender?? The girl, the businessman, the media or the showbiz industry?

 Shweta Basu- a child artist has started off her career at the tender age of eight.She was merely out of her frocks when the flames of stardom have engulfed her.Who are the people who encouraged her start so young??Teachers , friends or The Parents??  Undoubtedly one of the reason for her ruination was lack of guidance from parents.Introducing your own child to starry world at such age is no less then a crime. Instead of giving them natural childhood of carefree, protected and pampered life, they force them to compete in the rat race. The stagy over ambitious parents irrespective of the consequences oppress their children to struggle in the mean world.

With little understanding and complexity of the occupation, these vulnerable souls suffers extreme stress and psychological onslaught. Fame, fortune and stardom unfortunately came with a certain price. The pressure put on these children is enormous. They suffer greatly during their childhood pursuit of eminence and success. Burden of carrying the stardom tag to adulthood sometime turns out to be overbearing. While few conquers their fight others wind up broken, depressed or sometime suicidal.

Entertainment world has given us many eminent child performers not in India but overseas as well. Nowadays many child actors are populating our television screens. The famous" Avika gaur" has  undoubtedly given a spectacular performance in Balika vadhu and now after few years playing a role of married mother. We have virtually seen her growing on the screen. But I wonder did she tasted the fruits of normal childhood??

Remember "Macaulay Culkin" of "Home alone" fame. One of the best childhood movies of our times. Few days back a heartening report came out of him being arrested for drug abuse. His sad under nourished and haggard pictures were shocking and heart broken. Later revealed his parents were in nasty custody battle fighting for the control of his wealth. If that wont shatter a child. what will??

Another child prodigy "Lindsay Lohan" started off her career as fashion model at the age of 3.The Mean Girls star ever since is a target of tabloids. But not for her achievements. Alcohol , drugs, theft , misbehave , she has been charged with all. Belong to a dysfunctional family, the misfortunes of her upbringing has somehow seeped into her with long lasting repercussions. Will she be able to live an unmarked life??

Before Our child drowns in the heaps of misery, suffers in the hands of our own greed, disguise himself as a stranger, HEAR the sound of his anguish his silent tears before its too late. He is our flesh and blood.Let him choose the life he wants to live.Help him unveil the mystery of existence.Guide him to open his wings and fly to the sky's limit. Our children are the future of the nation and best bet for the brightest days ahead.Deprived children means deprived nation.We can and must alter this!!

                                                    “Come away, O human child!
                                                     To the waters and the wild
                                                    With a faery, hand in hand,
                           For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”