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Sunday, September 1, 2013

SEVEN – faces of Me

Encouraged by one of my blogger friend, I am here to embark on my first ever writing challenge. The write tribe is yet again came-up with “Festival of words” blog marathon. Though it’s only for “Seven” days (from 1st Sep-7th Sep) but I look forward to write, read & meet some like-minded people during the small voyage. Write- Tribe

Let’s start with my own self. It surely will give an insight aspect of ME.

I am a …………………………………………………………………………..

Ø      NOMAD – Traveling has become a vital part of my life. Being a sailor’s wife, I spend more then half a year wandering around the world. Explored many beautiful countries & places and discovered the beauty of diverse cultures, ethnicity, weather, people, food, which you only had read in your geography books.

Ø      DESIGNER-Before my nomadic life, I was a profession designer (Ex-Nift) .Still whenever I get an opportunity, love taking-up freelance work. From decking up my house to food to clothes, you will discover sprinkles of my creative life.

Ø      FITNESS FREAK – Though am foodie to the hilt, my addiction to work-outs is boundless. Gym is almost my second home. I loved being in shape fit & healthy but size-zero trend surly boggles me.

Ø      SHOOTER – Yes that tells my fitness syndrome. I took up shooting by chance in my 12th standard & still participate in numerous championships. Though its hobby now due to lack of time, still the worship of passion jogs in my blood.

Ø      SHOPAHOLIC – One big spendthrift, suffering from compulsive buying disorder. From clothes to shoes to bags, I just love shopping .Well who does not?? If you do not find me home, please check the clothing joints. God helps my husband who suffers the aftermaths of my binge buyings.

Ø      READER – Reading is my passion & collecting them is part of my OCD trouble. I hate lending books to my friends and gets irritated if someone disorders my bookshelf. Fiction, Non-fiction, contemporary, romance, biographies, I can gorge on anything.

Ø      WRITER – I have recently entered the world of penmanship. I know am novice but unless you take that first step, how will you finish the line. My reading habit has leaded me to discover the beauty of writing. The sole reason behind this challenge is to polish my writing skills and to spread my horizon.

 Hope I keep my words for long & continue this challenge without hiccups..See you Tomorrow