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Monday, August 26, 2013


After the bride & maid’s trousseau, the most imperative part of the adornment is “Wedding blings”. Every girl craves to look scintillating on her D-day. From finalizing bridal costume to jewelry, lots of planning & exploring needs to be done before accentuating the perfect look. Nowadays no girl wishes to adorn the age old Reds & maroons yesteryear colors but rather opting for pastel shades from oranges to even blue. The traditional feel is of course present, but a lot of cross-culture fashion has seeped in. Same goes with Indian wedding jewelry. Modern bride ensures that her jewelry must complement her outfit rather than just loading herself with heavy gold ornaments that often end up looking hideous when teamed with a designer bridal wear.
Indian fat weddings are not generally limited to a day but it’s an elaborate 2-3 days event with complete traditional rituals. Consequently outfits & trinkets should be chosen in accordance with rituals.

Haldi/sangeet/mehndi – These are the most auspicious & treasured ceremony in a girls wedding. It symbolizes pure, untainted & bright future for the girl’s new beginnings. To match the internal thoughts, nothing is better then embellishing “Fresh Flower jewellery”. Floral jewellery is an upcoming hottest trend which is in fact inspired from our ancient tradition. One can also use artificial flower as they are much cheaper then the fresh flowers. They are extremely beautiful to look at & can be designed to complement the brides outfit.


Wedding –  And the D-day. Searching and deciding the right wedding jewelry complementing your trousseau is a big tiresome job. Certainly there are lot wedding planners in market which can be at your service with a click of your finger, but they ridiculously expensive. To overcome your dilemma, there are few useful tips which should be consider before buying.

- LESS IS MORE. Do not go for the whole bridal set (necklace wid rani har).They are extremely tacky n out of trend.
-If your bridal wear is bold with heavy embroidery, choose lighter & impressive necklace jewellery.
-If you are fascinated with head to toe blings, go for lighter lehanga with pasty colors.
-From gold to diamond to polki to kundan, bridal jewellery is coming in various metals with cost differentiation.

-KUNDANS jewellery is most popular among the modern brides. Although every form of Indian jewellery is in great demand but kundan jewellery has become a prominent style statement these days. They just not look spectacular but have become the paragon of royalty.

-Apart from neck & ear trinkets, hair n hand accessories are important too. From trendy maang tikka to jumars , bride will no doubt look like a  goddess.

-To enhance your hands adornment bit more, designer “kaliras”& handlets are very much in demand.

-“Ghughat” our classic antique custom is back with a bang. Sporting a see through dupatta not only is in sync with the latest trends but also inculcate the Indian spirit. You can even show-off your hair embellishments with this style.

Customs often changes as the time evolves, but the association of jewelry and the wedding has an inseparable bond that is very delicately crafted in the Indian culture from the past thousands of years and will certainly prosper in the coming years ahead!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


As one of my closet cousin & SIL is getting married in few months time, I was simultaneously doing up lot of leg-work on their wedding ideas. From bridal trousseau to jewellery to decor, the list is enormous. Apart from brides, I need to plan for bridesmaid & all the uncle & aunties. Poof!!

After arguing and fighting over what to wear, we finally round upon quintessential SARI. Yeah –the Indian national dress & the epitome of feminity. Except It should not be conventional 6 yard but sum thing “hatke”.  Belonging to far northIndia(Punjab),donning a sari in the past had always been a little more of  challenge. Even after marriage, despite its sensuality & my utter fondness, it has always taken a backseat.

However, time seems to be changing. Over the past couple of years, sari has gone with a total makeover. Thanks to our budding designers. They have redefined our conventional sari to a western outfit. With lot of design alteration on the Indian six yard silhouette, it has now transformed into varied concept styles.

Lehenga saree (left)- It’s a form of ready-made saree that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear wedding attire. Best part is you do not have to spend painful minutes on the pleats. But simply tuck & Drape & gives an illusion of lehenga. 

Pre-Pleated Saree (right)-Pre-pleated sarees have become the latest trend these days. More and more women prefer to wear these as compared to the conventional sarees due to the ease and the simplicity involved. Even you can get your old saree stitched on nominal cost from your local tailor.

  Gown Saree (left) – It’s becoming a latest rage among fashion forward girls. Suitable for bridemaid, it surly will make you a head turner. As it looks its more of a western outfit but still manage to give glimpses of traditional saree.

Saree with Bolero jacket (right)– Our own queen of fashion had created a buzz when she walked the red carpet donning a Saree with a jacket. Since then it has become an instant hit on fashion circuit.

Half Saree- This recent style has been picked up after the release of “Chennai express”.
Style Diva Deepika padukone has worn half sari in her latest film which has now become a preferred attire for wedding receptions. Girls who are doubtful about carrying off a sari are opting for a half sari as it adds a young and a fusion feel to their look.

Above pictures with concept sari’s are no doubt looks elegant but expensive too. But if you can invest time & apply your creative instinct, you too can design your own masterpiece with much less worth. Also there are many sites which offer replicas of designer outfits in far low prices. They are just a click a away.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

N E O N ........Live Life Brightly

We talked about hits of 2013 in regards to tops, lowers, patterns & prints. But these all are ineffective if we miss on Colors palette which is the most crucial ingredient of summer fashion.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most

With lots of sunshine, Colors tends to reflect not only with your clothing but can sparkle your personality. Summers are the best season for dressing. You can experiment with different colors which can add spice to your styling. The much hyped of-the-moment, white hot trend is NEONS. Alongside muted, pretty pastels comes a powerful punch of neon, with vibrant orange, acid yellow and hot pink lighting up your entire wardrobe.

Yes but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to carry bold & electric hues with confidence. For some it’s a total confusion how to pull off neon without looking like the traffic police. EASY!! If you are reluctant in donning neon ensemble, be a game for neon accessories. Even in the smallest doses it has the ability to add energy, catch attention, and make a fashion-forward statement. 

Few fashion faux:

*Remember Less is more. Do not overdo or look scary.
*Avoid Neon With neon.
*Either do the ensemble in flour cent or your accessories.
*Team neon’s with either Black or white. Solid background gives a hard push.
*Your killer neon heels can bling any rag you are wearing.
*A belt, mobile or ipad cover or a watch in any neon colors can make anybody drool.
*Simple neon nailpaint can add you in chiclist.
* Alter your dull spectacles with neon frames & transform ditz to genius.  

Not only western fashion is hit by neon storm, but our Indian ethnic designer fraternity is as obsessed with flourcent rage. From Sarees to Anarkalis, infuse a cool vibe,and give instant glam boost to various ensembles.

Neon means fluorescent, bright and happy. If you are going to wear neon, feel its characteristics & bring a pinch of energy, vividness and cheerful upfront in your personality.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Bag Fever…...


Have you ever thought Bag as a trendy fashion accessory? Am sure most of us take handbags as one of the utility item. For keeping money/credit cards to baby diapers to even lunch boxes, nobody is much interested in using as a shoulder ornament. But I believe donning a write type of hand bag can gives u the chicest, elegant look. No matter even if you are decked-up in a sack, you can still pull it off with a catchy eye popping arm candy.

My husband feels its one of my opulent indulgence. Don’t you hate it when your husband makes the silly question: why do you need all these bags?'' It really irritates me to the core. A woman's right to bags shouldn't be criticized. I can't help but wonder, when did having lots of bags become a crime? He himself is a gizmo freak & buy’s all sorts of freaking gadgets. And that does not burn a hole in his pocket. huh!! Relatively am still cheap. (wink).

Am not a working girl so office/business bags are big NO for me. Rather I prefer carrying casual tote. Moreover being on toes half the year bigger bags just suits me fine & they are always right side of police fashion fence. But few days back I read an article about “Women at risk of poshitis from toting large bags”. This term “poshitis”is named after the famous celebrity Victoria becham(Posh) & her passion for big bags. Oh No, they did not!! N moreover it’s not that we cart them around whole day. I would not trade my bags for anything. Apart from it, there are countless types of handbags to suit different occasions & attire.

Let’s have a peek-a-boo at my Arm candies.

LEFT: White Zara tote bag.cost me leg & a arm.
RIGHT: Elizabeth Arden big handbag mostly for traveling purpose.

LEFT: Its a transparent hidesign bag purchased on whim.
RIGHT: Its gold clutch picked from the local market.
Got black & silver also for any ethnic occasion.

LEFT: Its a white Hidesign bag with little crocodile print bought in Pataya.
RIGHT: Its a sling casual bag usually for shopping expeditions.

LEFT: Its a black big bow modern clutch from Di-milano
RIGHT: Ocer colored Puma bag.My latest flame.

  These are just part of my collection.As am onboard, do not have the pictures of the rest one's.

                        SO,Snag it, bag it & watch as your friends turn green with envy


Monday, August 5, 2013

Latest TOPPER Trends………..

With every season fashion styles changes, which is excellent as each season brings its own requirements in regard to comfort, colors & patterns. But to pace up with fast changing trends is like adding a new job to your existing profile. While you are sitting & reading this blog, some of the styles might have become fads by now. Lol. Don’t worry you still have time to enrich your fashion wardrobe. Don't follow a specific trend but blend this season's fashion with your own unique style.

                                                “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Not prolonging anymore lets continue with my previous blog & as the name suggest TOPS will be the topic of discussion. Basics for uppers are always the same; it’s all about playing & blending the cuts, patterns, prints, colors or fabrics that are varied with each season.

Wrap Style: These are the most popular style & bestseller of the season. Its mostly long sleeved, long length & appropriate for women’s with bigger sizes. From plain wraps to piped ones, you get them in all colors, styles and prints. They are best suited with ankle length narrow colored chinos or Capri pants.


Ruffle Tops: This style not only found in tops but in skirts as well. Because of the specific cut & design, usually flowing fabrics like chiffon is being used. They are very light weight & mostly in contrasting colors. Pop with any Pantaloon style.

Peplum Tops: Peplums are one of my favorite tops .Cute, stylish & comfortable .These are basically kind of overskirt layer attached to the lower part of top. Best team with slim fit pants & even pencil skirts are big hit. Worn as casual + party wear


Polka Dot Top: This is an old classic fad which has taken up pace again.. I remember my mum wearing a polka suit in one of her old pictures. They are being teamed up with all sorts of lower body clothes including jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts. You can choose halter necks, spaghettis or sleeveless patterns.


Lace Chemise: Inspired from crochet and net fabric, they are hot sellers. Looks utterly stylish, if pop with contrasting spaghetti. They also gives bohemian effect  & you will surly get noticed with this piece.


Checks & Striped tops: This is an evergreen trend, draws attention in every season with varied patterns & style. Large chessboard kind of black and white prints are also high on charts. So, if you have the stomach for it, go ahead and give it a shot.


          Jumble these popular tops & lower trends & make an exclusive statement of your own.
                                               " Be the Leader Not Follower"

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hot Picks Of The Season…..Must Have!!

Few days back before starting out my blog, I was in total binary about the topics to write. And like a Godmother, one of the fellow blogger unintentionally gave me a clue to head start. Bless her!!
As a result here I am, unlocking a treasure trove for all women friends who either out of time, lazy, hopeless, desperate or just not interested in the language of fashion. Earlier also I wrote about fashion & ethics in general. However now I will thoroughly cover each & every element related to styling, power dressing, and hot trends.

So let’s pick “Pantaloons”i.e. slacks,chinos,khakis for today. What are sizzling on racks, best selling trends, and hot & happenings. Mostly would be choosing wearable and practical fashion fads.
I believe every individual has there own style & taste. Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to.
For me everyone should wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is my style hymn.

Due to being on public forum, I won't be putting my personal pictures. Below are all sorted from cyber & mimicked from my own collection.

Floral/Printed Pants: This is the latest which I picked from Zara. Its high-waisted, lycra mix,ankle length with narrow fitting. Due to stretch, they are really comfy & high on fits .Comes in different colors and patterns. You can find them in bold floral  & geometrical blueprints. Apart from international brands, MBO’s like pantaloon , globus, westend, shoppers stop have stacked them on piles due to abundant demand.

Palazzo Pants :
Theses are wide legged cuffed trousers imitated from 1960s fashion. They are also high waisted & looks like bellbottoms. Extremely suited for summers & gives a chic-look. Can be teamed with laced, polka solid color sleeveless tops. Patterns are either geometric or zigzags. You can choose the fabric according to the occasion. Cottons for regular wear, Silk/crepe for parties and exclusive events
 Rompers/Jumpsuits: These were inspired from pilots/painters gear. Even my shipy husband has the same dress code called “The Boiler suit”. But now our designers have given totally a new name & status to them.
It’s a one piece garment worn by both sexes.You can witness celebrities around the world flaunting dem on red carpets.They comes in different sizes long short as well as ankle length. I have a shorter one bought for a vacation from fabindia.

Bermuda shorts: These are knee length, narrow fitting shorts. Initially worn as casual attire but now it has also become a professional gear. Girls usually team with office-wear shirts & belts. They come in various fresh colors & especially in pure cottons. Try them with tops/shirts Tucked-In

Hammer Pants: As you can see, these are actually inspired from our “salwar” style.It gives you such a bohemian look .They are so comfy that I have replaced my pajamas with them. Tie & die style is very much in & should be gelled with junk jewellery & long scarf’s.


 Colored Chinos: Oh the hot trending sellers. Am sure by now every girl has atleast two pair of colored pants in their wardrobe. It comes in all possible bright colours.Gives a comfortable & casual style .Mostly found in Cottons & denims available in every store or brand. Pop them with graphic Tees or plain strippers for turn-heads


These are all sorted on the basis of my own observation, knowledge & likeability.So, what are you waiting for?
                                    Go Explore & Buy them before they are called FADS

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of a fitness enthusiast ………….

Maintaining weight after completing twenties has become a real challenge. No matter how much you cut down on your diet, it just does not want to leave you. Bless me am one such fortunate girl who does'nt have to struggle with weighty issue. Am thirtish ,5.4 ft still weigh 53 kgs. Don’t be “J” .Its more of a maintaining then a blessing story.
After I turned 18, the age when all girls enter that “I want to look beautiful” phase, since then was keeping tabs on my diet & weight. Also being a sportsperson & associated to fashion industry for long it has become my obsession. Except it was not a cake walk. Living a disciplined and organized life has helped me in staying fit.

Looking around, you meet so many women who are struggling with obese ness & striving to get in shape. But unfortunately they look for shortcuts. Whether going on GM or crash diets, eating weight loss pills, or even going for liposuction, these will never going to help for longer period. You might get instant results but in due time, fat will come back with vengeance & that will be your biggest setback. So come around before you lose last ounce of your will power.

People often ask me about my normal routine, diet & exercise regime. So here am bulleting simple essentials which I usually follow. I won’t be recommending any trash shit diet charts. Am sure you get ample of them on internet.

  • Pin a big poster on your favorite wall with encouraging words like “The body achieves what the mind believes.(yes I have it)
  • Be disciplined whether it’s your yoga /exercise time or meal time or sleep time.
  • If you feel gym or exercising big let down, opt for walking. Believe me it is much more interesting and useful in many ways.
  • If you are foodie,cut down on your portions and add up on your meals. You should not feel stuffed at all times.
  • Eat your breakfast heartily. Skip dinner or finish it before not a myth.
  • Drink 8 gallons of water.(coz of dankness, ur diet automatically shrinks).It does wonders to your skin as well.
  • Get rid of extra sugar & salt intake.
  • Add more of pulses and vegetables to your diet
  • Join dance classes or swimming or just play badminton with your kids in backyard.
  • Try to do work on your own as much as possible. Be active at all times
  • Big NO to rubbish food as it goes.
  • And last but not the least believe in yourself & hold your patience.

It takes a month for you to notice your body changing, two months for other to point out.  
                                                     Till then DON’T QUIT!!