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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fashionable Notions....

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” –Coco Chanel

Such an apt line to start my blog. Before I was merely a fan of Chanel’s couture line but now became an ardent follower of her catchy quotes.

Well the hot question is what does fashion means to you? And popular answer would be “everything that I feel comfortable in”. What a cheesy line. People tend to forget this precise line is itself their fashion statement. I wonder how much percentage of girls are really not interested in cloths and would not want to look beautiful. Hardly any if they are true to themselves. Previously it was just a girl’s thing but nowadays boys are as conscious as of girls. They are not afraid of experimenting on their looks, cloths, haircuts or even on whiskers. Particularly youngsters, who spares time to go online or check on the latest vogues & update knowledge on upcoming trends.

But I believe it should not be dead with age catching up. There is no time boundation when it comes to being stylish. Trends and fashion do change with age but it’s not the end of it. As the quote says “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Generally in our country when a woman enters her motherhood period, society wants her to deck up in certain ways & discourage fashion in all sense. And sometimes it’s herself who loses all interest with time. I know few of them who blame on being too fatty, or lack of time or just being lazy. Wake-up girls, motherhood or being a professional is a part of life’s phase not end of it. “Being forty means to get naughty”

Fashion is a much maligned, misunderstood beast. People have myths & misconceptions about the art of styling.For looking good you DO NOT
-Need couture or highly branded cloths
-Need to be slim or in shape to experiment on any new style
-Need to follow the trends rather create your own
-Need to overdo in order to tag yourself fashionable
-Have to wear only westernized cloths 

A style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. There are simple fashion ethics which I follow.

-Pick a dress according to the occasion with selection of colors keeping in mind. Yes colors play a very important role.
-Keep a bag of junk jewellery in your cabinet. It should not need to be expensive. Mix match with your dress.It will enhance your apparel outfits.
-If you are not a bling person, you can complete your ensemble with a nice handbag or pumps.
-Beware bad hair day can really spoil your moments. Wear a style easy to manage for you.
-Makeup needs to be minimal. Either do your lips or your eyes. Use bold cosmetics only if you can carry off well.

Keep the above in mind and we are good to go.

Part of my Bling collection.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Travel Odyssey...............“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Traveling has become an integral part of my life. It’s like having a temporary existence. After every three months we pack our bags either for sailing or  parent’s house or for vacation.
Living like a nomad has its own pros & cons. I don’t remember the last time we actually stayed for a while in one place with the family and did all the normal dos and errands of the house. Attending social gatherings or celebrating festivals have become seasonal for us. Friends and close ones have just turned into acquaintances now. 
But in your heart you know it’s a transitory period .Sooner or later things will change and you will going to feel the nostalgic feeling of packing,action, the hullabaloo of your nomadic expeditions.
Today when I look back, to all the places and countries I visited, it still gives me that thrill shrills. You inclined to learn about diverse cultures, ethnicity, weather, people, food, etiquette's which you only had read in your geography books.

My brief overviews about the places i traveled..

SCOTLAND (U.K) – Lived there for about almost two years. People are truly warm and supportive .Made so many good friends and memories to treasure in my work place. Green fields, striking yellow rapeseed fields, pretty houses, flowering trees, and haphazard allotments & not to forget the serene Thames river .Apart from that visited many significant places, forts, isles, castles, museums& highlands. In fact the best iconic thing I truly admired was the Scottish traditional gear: The Kilt”
But as being a sunny person myself in & out, I could not able to cope with the extreme Scottish weather. Rapid winds, non stop drizzles, and gloomy evenings had really worn me out and made my stay unbearable.
Still all in all, it surly had left quite an impression on my soul.

SINGAPOREThe only word I can pick to portray this god sends country is “Spectacular”. Amazing infrastructure, beautiful houses, state of the art buildings, ultra stylish people, diversity in food, the whole thing has made this small heart country a hub for tourism. Have been here thrice but still wanted to come yet again.
A still from the famous laser & water show.

THAILAND-(PATAYA) - Sun Sand & Tan, best three pickers to describe. Oh am such a beachy person (not bitchy mind you).Won’t mind spending my entire life on the seashore in a cove. Love all the water sports, snorkeling, para sailing, banana rides and yeah the shooting too. Tried my hand on 9mm for the first time, can’t tell you what a feeling it was. Even went to the well known gem factory n got my hands on some of the precious delicate jewels.

Need to moor my blog now. Shall continue my blabbing in my next writing.Till then..


Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Newbie....

At last my lingering time is over. After a long wait now embarking on  The writing binge. Its not that I do not get time before, alas rather the only thing I had in my life was “time” killer time. Guess was much busy in enjoying my life on senseless things. No I do not have regrets if you are asking. Can partying, shopping, traveling, clubbing be ever considered to be waste of time. Naaa it’s called enjoying life to the hilt. And its just one phase of your life.
As truly said:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”-by Heller K.

Yes seven years passed since my wedding but still as if my honeymoon period continues. It’s been really a roller coaster life. Ups and downs, joys, sorrows, compromises, sacrifices, misgivings, denials and whatnot. But more of happy endings with warm hugs and makeup’s.
Before marriage like everybody says you have a totally different carefree life. Mine was the same but much more busier and meaningful. Did my graduation in science and PG in fashion from a well reputed institution. Got job on my first placement day. Brought laurels in my shooting career. Yes am a national shooter as well. This does not end here. I almost got through in my airline interview and SSB.But life had different plans. GOT MARRIED to my one and only love of my life My Sailor. Yes he is a shipper, a Merchant Navy guy. That tells all my traveling. isn’t?

Since then life has become a merriment for me. Now turned into a wild spendthrift, insatiable reader, a nomad, a movie buff and a efficient cook. WOW

To be true I actually started writing in 2007, written few blogs but all get floored. However this time am going to stay and shall carry out my writing sprees sincerely.
Believe me this is going to be my talisman for the time being.

I wonder if the blog looks more like a introductory page. Who cares?