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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SEVEN Childhood Crushes......................................................

“Ringa Ringa Roses Pocket full of Poses Husha! Busha! We all fall down!

Am sure most of us have played this rhyme countless time during childhood. We have so many foolish childhood memories hidden somewhere back in our minds. And watching your own kids going through the same stage doing the same crazy innocent things must have taken you to your own infancy period. There has been a fast change since then. Games, stories, rhymes, comics, cartoons, everything has been altered in accord with child’s psychology. Irrefutably certain changes are absolutely wonderful for growing kids but still I find my childhood had been much simpler & more constructive. These days’ children prefer indoor games over playing in the greens. I remember I hated leaving my friends in the evening due to my mum’s endless calling & bickering.

Like my father, my mother was very strict & disciplined when it comes to our studies. Time slots had been assigned for our every activity. After school we were only allowed to watch cartoons for an hour and twice a day on Sundays. God how I detested it. I had my share of cartoon crushes. Some were my idols & friends in my dream world. My love for cartoons has still not vanished with time. They are my stress busters and helps me in uplifted my mood after a dark day.

Let us go down the memory lane and revisit our childhood obsessions…………………………..............

TOM & JERRY-They are the most classic cartoon characters. I love the rivalry & all the comedic fights between the two iconic characters Tom the Cat & Jerry the mouse. With their crazy chase and funny frying-pan fights, Tom and Jerry have been making us giggles for as long as I remember.

JUNGLE BOOK-“Jungle jungle baat chali hai ,pata chala hai, aree chadi pehenkar fhul khila hai fhul khila hai”.I am feeling so nostalgic by just writing & humming these lines. Mogli, baghira , bhaloo the fantastic three  with honesty and intelligent traits. I loved how every story ends with a moral lesson. A must watch for children!!!

HE-MAN – He-Man and the masters of the universe. I was blindly in love with this character. Though at that time I was very small & hardly understood the story. But still for the love of the man, I use to watch it without blinking.

 DUCK TALES- The first ever Disney cartoon.Adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his three cute ducklings. And the best part is Uncle Donald’s nasal voice. Hilarious aren’t they?

 PANCHTANTRA-How many of you remember the story of tortoise & geese. There are more then 100 stories in panchtantra with a moral ending. And I want my children to read these beautiful stories in future.

POPEYE- Popeye and his family & look alike nephews Peepeye, Pupeye, Pipeye Poopeye. He was one of my childhood crush & now by taking inspiration from him married a sailor. And so I call my hubby Popeye………:)

PINGU- And the last but the cutest of all Is Pingu. Pingu & Pinga in there lovely igloo. He is the reason why am obsessed with penguins. My car key ring, soft toy, curtain holder has a penguin image. Funny!!

I can see smile on your faces!! I wish they should telecast them again so that I can understand these cartoons better and laugh my guts –out.I would love to hear about your favorite cartoons.