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Friday, September 6, 2013

Seven lessons On Successful Blogging...............................................

Most of the fellow bloggers do not know that my baby blog has been delivered exactly a month back. Please do not look shocked and befuddled. You must be thinking how a novice blogger can blab about lessons on blog success. Trust me am not.

Few years back one of my friend has introduced me to the world of blogs. But they were just good reads for me. I never actually introspect the reasons behind writing a blog. For me they were like diary entries, way to polish your writing skills or improving english. Foolish me!!

However for about a month, am on reading spree. Read numerous blogs mostly from India but I noticed some of very skilled writers with amazing knack of writing are living in a lost world. No comments no followers nothing on social upfront. They might not be interested in promoting their blogs. That’s shame isn’t?
I remember after writing my first two blogs, nothing came and I felt bad & sad. But I made a point to comment on anonymous blogs with sheer sincerity. May be due to my altruistic reasons, my blog kick-started and I made some wonderful virtual friends.

These seven lessons are the product of my short-span research and observation. Please correct me wherever I go wrong.

1)Blog Design- Before embarking on my blog binge, I visited many other blog designs and templates. I made a list of all the specific elements which attracted me and encompassed on my own blog. Background, colours, fonts, images, typography all should be according to your blog theme. Bold backgrounds or artistic usage of fonts can really spoil your appetite to read the contents.

2) Post often- One should write blogs often and maintain regular schedule. Let other readers feel your presence. The more we blog the more readers we get.

3) Compelling titles & fresh content-The first thing leads to any blog is the catchy title. Tittle represents a lot about your content. It’s like a perfect window dressing. But that’s not all. Do not copy or imitate other bloggers. Readers are interested in original & fresh writings.

4) Comment- Constant commutations is the key ingredient in building your blog base.If we desire for readers to comment on our blogs, they also deserve encouraging words in return.

5) Revert-Your comments need to be reverted. I have seen not all bloggers reply back on their blog comments. Respect your audience and value the attention they give your posts.

6) Blog contests- One of the best ways to build your reader base, exposure and polishing your writing skills is to participate in blog challenges. It’s the fastest to interact with fellow bloggers and receive priceless comments.

7) Endorsing – Writing brilliant posts are not the end of job. Promoting and sharing your blog on relevant platform is must. Thanks to social media sites, we can now spread the word about our blog instantly.

The sole reason to write this post is to gather more information about essentials of blogging from veteran bloggers.If you have something to share, please enlighten me.