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Sunday, September 15, 2013


What’s on your mind? By the title of my post, you must be thinking about my obsession for the social network site. Voila!! You are darn correct. Aren’t we all have become its slave? Like a morning ritual we search for our phones to see how many cohorts have showered us with likes or comments. Almost half a day is consumed by dangling like puppets in the hands of social media sites. We have become so reliant on technology that we forgot how to communicate in real world. Calling friends on Bdays, sending cards, voicemails have become obsolete.

Before the birth of facebook I was the queen of orkut. Unfortunately the latter died a cruel death. I joined facebook in 2010 when the whole world was engulfed by the “storm of swag”. It was like a fad. Everybody just wants to belong to never ending virtual gathering. Initially I was awe-stuck finding my old school mates, colleagues, hell even neighbors under one roof. Click a button and enter into the time machine. Interacting with old school mates, filling the missed gaps, sharing pictures, chatting, relishing comments all was new and fresh. Undoubtedly it is still the most powerful form of media for communication today.

 But appears with passage of time, whole concept of face booking has changed. Now people send you request just to peek onto your lives. Though you have customized privacy settings but that’s not liable for people in your list. It has become more of your little black book, an online album or a media to rant n rave about political or social issues.

I feel Facebook has become a place for people to flaunt their success or brag about futile mundane things. Some studies also shows that people who use it excessively are more prone to depression, anxiety, personality disorder or jealousy.More the users look at happy post or joyful pictures of their facebook friends, more it leads to resentment. With personal experience I have seen people gets envious of you by just looking at your travel sojourn pictures. The amount of “likes” and comments you get is another part of their antipathy which leads to strain in personal relationship.

After being a facebook junkie for almost three years, they should reward me with a doctorate degree. I can boastfully psychoanalysis different facebook personalities. I myself was a facebook addict but now it’s not a compulsion. I post my pictures regularly only for my loved ones due to being away from them so often. It’s my way to keep track on my friends, to kill my boredom onboard or playing candy crushes. But anything done in extreme will definitely affect one’s health, mental peace or social relationships.

We need to establish technology boundaries, set aside time for other activities. Get factual in real world. Like most things in life, Facebook is what you make of it. And it cannot be more than what it is.


                                           Make it a fraction of your life not your LIFE!!