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Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Newbie....

At last my lingering time is over. After a long wait now embarking on  The writing binge. Its not that I do not get time before, alas rather the only thing I had in my life was “time” killer time. Guess was much busy in enjoying my life on senseless things. No I do not have regrets if you are asking. Can partying, shopping, traveling, clubbing be ever considered to be waste of time. Naaa it’s called enjoying life to the hilt. And its just one phase of your life.
As truly said:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”-by Heller K.

Yes seven years passed since my wedding but still as if my honeymoon period continues. It’s been really a roller coaster life. Ups and downs, joys, sorrows, compromises, sacrifices, misgivings, denials and whatnot. But more of happy endings with warm hugs and makeup’s.
Before marriage like everybody says you have a totally different carefree life. Mine was the same but much more busier and meaningful. Did my graduation in science and PG in fashion from a well reputed institution. Got job on my first placement day. Brought laurels in my shooting career. Yes am a national shooter as well. This does not end here. I almost got through in my airline interview and SSB.But life had different plans. GOT MARRIED to my one and only love of my life My Sailor. Yes he is a shipper, a Merchant Navy guy. That tells all my traveling. isn’t?

Since then life has become a merriment for me. Now turned into a wild spendthrift, insatiable reader, a nomad, a movie buff and a efficient cook. WOW

To be true I actually started writing in 2007, written few blogs but all get floored. However this time am going to stay and shall carry out my writing sprees sincerely.
Believe me this is going to be my talisman for the time being.

I wonder if the blog looks more like a introductory page. Who cares?


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