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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Travel Odyssey...............“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Traveling has become an integral part of my life. It’s like having a temporary existence. After every three months we pack our bags either for sailing or  parent’s house or for vacation.
Living like a nomad has its own pros & cons. I don’t remember the last time we actually stayed for a while in one place with the family and did all the normal dos and errands of the house. Attending social gatherings or celebrating festivals have become seasonal for us. Friends and close ones have just turned into acquaintances now. 
But in your heart you know it’s a transitory period .Sooner or later things will change and you will going to feel the nostalgic feeling of packing,action, the hullabaloo of your nomadic expeditions.
Today when I look back, to all the places and countries I visited, it still gives me that thrill shrills. You inclined to learn about diverse cultures, ethnicity, weather, people, food, etiquette's which you only had read in your geography books.

My brief overviews about the places i traveled..

SCOTLAND (U.K) – Lived there for about almost two years. People are truly warm and supportive .Made so many good friends and memories to treasure in my work place. Green fields, striking yellow rapeseed fields, pretty houses, flowering trees, and haphazard allotments & not to forget the serene Thames river .Apart from that visited many significant places, forts, isles, castles, museums& highlands. In fact the best iconic thing I truly admired was the Scottish traditional gear: The Kilt”
But as being a sunny person myself in & out, I could not able to cope with the extreme Scottish weather. Rapid winds, non stop drizzles, and gloomy evenings had really worn me out and made my stay unbearable.
Still all in all, it surly had left quite an impression on my soul.

SINGAPOREThe only word I can pick to portray this god sends country is “Spectacular”. Amazing infrastructure, beautiful houses, state of the art buildings, ultra stylish people, diversity in food, the whole thing has made this small heart country a hub for tourism. Have been here thrice but still wanted to come yet again.
A still from the famous laser & water show.

THAILAND-(PATAYA) - Sun Sand & Tan, best three pickers to describe. Oh am such a beachy person (not bitchy mind you).Won’t mind spending my entire life on the seashore in a cove. Love all the water sports, snorkeling, para sailing, banana rides and yeah the shooting too. Tried my hand on 9mm for the first time, can’t tell you what a feeling it was. Even went to the well known gem factory n got my hands on some of the precious delicate jewels.

Need to moor my blog now. Shall continue my blabbing in my next writing.Till then..



  1. Wow! some life you live! I cannot imagine such life for myself. I get terribly homesick even if I travel for a few days. I used to skirt the issue of travel in my earlier job. Th travelling was not mandatory but boss would bring it up once in a while ha ha :-)

  2. True, although still few people can kill to be in my shoes. They are openly envious of me. But I have enough share of my traveling n now want to spend life in peace.

  3. Come on, now you're just boasting! :P Alright, I give in, i am now ultra-jealous! :D
    But I don't understand, why is everyone so topsy-turvy about european weather.. I have been London and I still can't seem to get over the melancholy sunbury cafes or even the traditional The wolseley..It's a good feel overall..but obviously I was touring..

    And working in Scotland? How was it? And I want to especially hear about thailand.. how did you manage the seafood?? :D

  4. yes that's the point , you were touring not exactly staying.You shall only come to know about the place if reside there atleast for few months.Windy, rains , ultra cold and hardly any indian in sight.Soon the whole excitement wear off and you tend to miss home terribly.Well the best part was working.No politics, good and warm people, no deadline pressures and easy atmosphere which you hardly get to see in Indian working atmosphere.