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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hot Picks Of The Season…..Must Have!!

Few days back before starting out my blog, I was in total binary about the topics to write. And like a Godmother, one of the fellow blogger unintentionally gave me a clue to head start. Bless her!!
As a result here I am, unlocking a treasure trove for all women friends who either out of time, lazy, hopeless, desperate or just not interested in the language of fashion. Earlier also I wrote about fashion & ethics in general. However now I will thoroughly cover each & every element related to styling, power dressing, and hot trends.

So let’s pick “Pantaloons”i.e. slacks,chinos,khakis for today. What are sizzling on racks, best selling trends, and hot & happenings. Mostly would be choosing wearable and practical fashion fads.
I believe every individual has there own style & taste. Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to.
For me everyone should wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is my style hymn.

Due to being on public forum, I won't be putting my personal pictures. Below are all sorted from cyber & mimicked from my own collection.

Floral/Printed Pants: This is the latest which I picked from Zara. Its high-waisted, lycra mix,ankle length with narrow fitting. Due to stretch, they are really comfy & high on fits .Comes in different colors and patterns. You can find them in bold floral  & geometrical blueprints. Apart from international brands, MBO’s like pantaloon , globus, westend, shoppers stop have stacked them on piles due to abundant demand.

Palazzo Pants :
Theses are wide legged cuffed trousers imitated from 1960s fashion. They are also high waisted & looks like bellbottoms. Extremely suited for summers & gives a chic-look. Can be teamed with laced, polka solid color sleeveless tops. Patterns are either geometric or zigzags. You can choose the fabric according to the occasion. Cottons for regular wear, Silk/crepe for parties and exclusive events
 Rompers/Jumpsuits: These were inspired from pilots/painters gear. Even my shipy husband has the same dress code called “The Boiler suit”. But now our designers have given totally a new name & status to them.
It’s a one piece garment worn by both sexes.You can witness celebrities around the world flaunting dem on red carpets.They comes in different sizes long short as well as ankle length. I have a shorter one bought for a vacation from fabindia.

Bermuda shorts: These are knee length, narrow fitting shorts. Initially worn as casual attire but now it has also become a professional gear. Girls usually team with office-wear shirts & belts. They come in various fresh colors & especially in pure cottons. Try them with tops/shirts Tucked-In

Hammer Pants: As you can see, these are actually inspired from our “salwar” style.It gives you such a bohemian look .They are so comfy that I have replaced my pajamas with them. Tie & die style is very much in & should be gelled with junk jewellery & long scarf’s.


 Colored Chinos: Oh the hot trending sellers. Am sure by now every girl has atleast two pair of colored pants in their wardrobe. It comes in all possible bright colours.Gives a comfortable & casual style .Mostly found in Cottons & denims available in every store or brand. Pop them with graphic Tees or plain strippers for turn-heads


These are all sorted on the basis of my own observation, knowledge & likeability.So, what are you waiting for?
                                    Go Explore & Buy them before they are called FADS


  1. So glad to come across your blog :) I am very lazy and boring when it comes to shopping for clothes. Mainly, I have the same style of trousers/shirts/kurtis etc in different colours. Am planning to rehaul my wardrobe after losing some kilos - so, your blog is going to be a very good reference :) Cheers!

  2. Hey Thank you Kaneenika for the kind words. I have an elder sister who’s a scholar same like you but do not have time to keep-up with latest trends. Even my previous blog (Story of a fitness enthusiast) is all about loosing weight. Do read it & lemme know if it’s for some help to you.:)