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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Story of a fitness enthusiast ………….

Maintaining weight after completing twenties has become a real challenge. No matter how much you cut down on your diet, it just does not want to leave you. Bless me am one such fortunate girl who does'nt have to struggle with weighty issue. Am thirtish ,5.4 ft still weigh 53 kgs. Don’t be “J” .Its more of a maintaining then a blessing story.
After I turned 18, the age when all girls enter that “I want to look beautiful” phase, since then was keeping tabs on my diet & weight. Also being a sportsperson & associated to fashion industry for long it has become my obsession. Except it was not a cake walk. Living a disciplined and organized life has helped me in staying fit.

Looking around, you meet so many women who are struggling with obese ness & striving to get in shape. But unfortunately they look for shortcuts. Whether going on GM or crash diets, eating weight loss pills, or even going for liposuction, these will never going to help for longer period. You might get instant results but in due time, fat will come back with vengeance & that will be your biggest setback. So come around before you lose last ounce of your will power.

People often ask me about my normal routine, diet & exercise regime. So here am bulleting simple essentials which I usually follow. I won’t be recommending any trash shit diet charts. Am sure you get ample of them on internet.

  • Pin a big poster on your favorite wall with encouraging words like “The body achieves what the mind believes.(yes I have it)
  • Be disciplined whether it’s your yoga /exercise time or meal time or sleep time.
  • If you feel gym or exercising big let down, opt for walking. Believe me it is much more interesting and useful in many ways.
  • If you are foodie,cut down on your portions and add up on your meals. You should not feel stuffed at all times.
  • Eat your breakfast heartily. Skip dinner or finish it before not a myth.
  • Drink 8 gallons of water.(coz of dankness, ur diet automatically shrinks).It does wonders to your skin as well.
  • Get rid of extra sugar & salt intake.
  • Add more of pulses and vegetables to your diet
  • Join dance classes or swimming or just play badminton with your kids in backyard.
  • Try to do work on your own as much as possible. Be active at all times
  • Big NO to rubbish food as it goes.
  • And last but not the least believe in yourself & hold your patience.

It takes a month for you to notice your body changing, two months for other to point out.  
                                                     Till then DON’T QUIT!!


  1. Hello. Good tips you have got here. You know, I put on 16 Kgs during pregnancy but it all went away since I was feeding my baby. But once the feeding stopped, I put back 4 kgs. So, my target weight is 53-54, which I earlier was and I am 5'3''. I am stuck at 58 right now. I am a Stay at Home Mom currently with cooking, cleaning helps. I am active throughout the day, never sleep except at night. We don't eat too oily food, eating -outs also very less, also because of the toddler who would not let us. We have just started walking/yoga etc but monsoon is playing spoilt sport. I haven't really done anything yet and I also don't believe in any shortcuts including dieting. I know if I walk regularly and do my yoga, I will lose those extra kgs but I am struggling to manage time :-(

  2. Hola!!Oh girl, after a baby, your stats are still good & shedding all the extra fat will a piece of cake for you. Just remember you have spent more than a year to nourish your baby & urself. At least give your body two year to resuscitate & be back in shape.
    BTW, in your previous pic (in red chinos), you don’t look like young mom but a college goer.

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  4. Hey am glad you shared bits of your life. As you said its no rocket science, but still people make a big ruckus bout it. Especially it’s your peers who keep on criticizing & giving unwanted advices. Just swing through with a big smile.Trust yourself & hear your own voice.
    Yes its true too much gym is bad as it will weakens your muscles & bone density.
    Exercise for about 45 min. & if you want to burn more calories go for long walks.
    Be disciplined for a year & stick to standard diet.Also don't forget to air your old wardrobe, am sure u gonna need it soon. Till then hold your horses.

  5. Some useful points here. I think that "finish it before 6 pm" is working for me. Have to carry it on and see how it works on the long rum.

  6. Hey, thank you so much! Yes it does truly help you in long run if you stick to your guns. I have tested n experienced some nice outcome. Even you can gorge on bit of carbs as well.

  7. Anu , superb tips and the one having diunner before night is awesome n sooo true ..

    1. Yes sangeeta,if done regularly you sure can feel wonderful results.

  8. ohkay, you were pointing out to this article.. well, it is true what you said there.. only thing is implentation takes quite a lot of effort.. Having a tight sleeping schedule is really tough especially when you have serials like breaking bad coming at 11pm :D So I just go for a morning walk even if it is 10am. Flexible, you see? :D And I just noticed tat in each and every comment I have given I am just talking about myself..You must spam me immediately :P :D