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Thursday, August 15, 2013

N E O N ........Live Life Brightly

We talked about hits of 2013 in regards to tops, lowers, patterns & prints. But these all are ineffective if we miss on Colors palette which is the most crucial ingredient of summer fashion.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most

With lots of sunshine, Colors tends to reflect not only with your clothing but can sparkle your personality. Summers are the best season for dressing. You can experiment with different colors which can add spice to your styling. The much hyped of-the-moment, white hot trend is NEONS. Alongside muted, pretty pastels comes a powerful punch of neon, with vibrant orange, acid yellow and hot pink lighting up your entire wardrobe.

Yes but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to carry bold & electric hues with confidence. For some it’s a total confusion how to pull off neon without looking like the traffic police. EASY!! If you are reluctant in donning neon ensemble, be a game for neon accessories. Even in the smallest doses it has the ability to add energy, catch attention, and make a fashion-forward statement. 

Few fashion faux:

*Remember Less is more. Do not overdo or look scary.
*Avoid Neon With neon.
*Either do the ensemble in flour cent or your accessories.
*Team neon’s with either Black or white. Solid background gives a hard push.
*Your killer neon heels can bling any rag you are wearing.
*A belt, mobile or ipad cover or a watch in any neon colors can make anybody drool.
*Simple neon nailpaint can add you in chiclist.
* Alter your dull spectacles with neon frames & transform ditz to genius.  

Not only western fashion is hit by neon storm, but our Indian ethnic designer fraternity is as obsessed with flourcent rage. From Sarees to Anarkalis, infuse a cool vibe,and give instant glam boost to various ensembles.

Neon means fluorescent, bright and happy. If you are going to wear neon, feel its characteristics & bring a pinch of energy, vividness and cheerful upfront in your personality.


  1. I love that Masaba saree on Mini Mathur, though I am not into sarees. But thatnk you for the tip. Must keep in mind. I have a T-shirt in Neon green though.

  2. Hey,I love Masaba's couture. She has a complex & contemporary signature style.But the best part is she’s not that pricey. You can pick a sari from 1500 bucks to 30k.
    Yes neon green is quite cool. Hope we get to see your pic..

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  5. Kaneeika, you mean online? Here is the link where she can order. only for 2600/-

    Or she can just drop-in to any Masaba flagship stores in Delhi & Mumbai. You can easily find the addresses on internet. Also there is another multiple designer online outlet "pernia-pop-up-shop".for any kind of couture clothing. Check it out.

    1. Thanks a lot for this info, Anu. I passed it on to my cousin and she is really enjoying the pernia-pop-up-shop website :) Cheers!