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Monday, August 19, 2013


As one of my closet cousin & SIL is getting married in few months time, I was simultaneously doing up lot of leg-work on their wedding ideas. From bridal trousseau to jewellery to decor, the list is enormous. Apart from brides, I need to plan for bridesmaid & all the uncle & aunties. Poof!!

After arguing and fighting over what to wear, we finally round upon quintessential SARI. Yeah –the Indian national dress & the epitome of feminity. Except It should not be conventional 6 yard but sum thing “hatke”.  Belonging to far northIndia(Punjab),donning a sari in the past had always been a little more of  challenge. Even after marriage, despite its sensuality & my utter fondness, it has always taken a backseat.

However, time seems to be changing. Over the past couple of years, sari has gone with a total makeover. Thanks to our budding designers. They have redefined our conventional sari to a western outfit. With lot of design alteration on the Indian six yard silhouette, it has now transformed into varied concept styles.

Lehenga saree (left)- It’s a form of ready-made saree that arose from the need of an artistic yet easy to wear wedding attire. Best part is you do not have to spend painful minutes on the pleats. But simply tuck & Drape & gives an illusion of lehenga. 

Pre-Pleated Saree (right)-Pre-pleated sarees have become the latest trend these days. More and more women prefer to wear these as compared to the conventional sarees due to the ease and the simplicity involved. Even you can get your old saree stitched on nominal cost from your local tailor.

  Gown Saree (left) – It’s becoming a latest rage among fashion forward girls. Suitable for bridemaid, it surly will make you a head turner. As it looks its more of a western outfit but still manage to give glimpses of traditional saree.

Saree with Bolero jacket (right)– Our own queen of fashion had created a buzz when she walked the red carpet donning a Saree with a jacket. Since then it has become an instant hit on fashion circuit.

Half Saree- This recent style has been picked up after the release of “Chennai express”.
Style Diva Deepika padukone has worn half sari in her latest film which has now become a preferred attire for wedding receptions. Girls who are doubtful about carrying off a sari are opting for a half sari as it adds a young and a fusion feel to their look.

Above pictures with concept sari’s are no doubt looks elegant but expensive too. But if you can invest time & apply your creative instinct, you too can design your own masterpiece with much less worth. Also there are many sites which offer replicas of designer outfits in far low prices. They are just a click a away.


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  2. Hey K, Are you getting married ?? wow Congrats!! Off course half saree for sangeet would be a marvelous choice as it’s not only in trend but comfy n beautiful to look at. Will surly write about wedding jewels (especially for you). It’s on my mind for few days now along with some extra superb wedding ideas. Bless You.

  3. I always prefer the classic Sari Drape..but yes a jacket or a funky blouse adds so much character if done right!!

  4. Hey, indeed vintage drape will always be extraordinary. But due to many aspects like comfort & time constraint, girls are opting for different styles which are high in fashion too. Everybody wants to add that oomph factor to their dressing which indeed makes them a head turner if worn correctly.
    Must tell u,You really looking graceful in your sari pics & your blog is interesting to read.
    Thanks for reading my blabs.

  5. wow! I never knew about the lehnga saree and the gown saree!! Must look this up! Thanks so much for the great ideas!


  6. Being just fabric, the sari can be customized in a million ways. It's nice to see this age old tradition still being kept alive and fresh!!

  7. Hey Roshni,, yes you should try the outfit in one of your Indian events. They look absolutely fabulous & easy to carry.

  8. @Beingfab-. Undeniably after these modifications also, we are still rooting to our classic sari with a bit of spicy tadka.
    Hey you into,am sucker for exploring new stuff. Let me visit your blog.

  9. What can I possibly comment here? ;) But one thing I can say for sure, that only upper right and lowermost ladies clad in saree look worth it! :D :D

  10. Hahaha...You can always choose sari as potential gift for your girlfriend.;)

  11. All of the saree designs are fabulous & perfect for wedding or any ceremony. Stylish, colorful, light weight saree gives a authentic look.

  12. Nice collection of sarees and among all i like designer party wear sarees as they look so unique as well inspired by Bollywood actresses

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